BSY, kin, three others summoned

BSY, kin, three others summoned

Lokayukta Court dismisses case against MLC

The Special Lokayukta Court on Thursday issued summons to former Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa, his sons Vijayendra and Raghavendra and his son-in-law R N Sohan Kumar in one of the private complaints filed by advocate Sirajin Basha.

The complaint relates to several instances of illegal denotification of land by Yeddyurappa and receiving financial favours in return for the denotification.

The complaint also accuses BJP MLC Bharathi Shetty of getting a site allotted in RMV 2nd stage under ‘G’ category and later attempting to amalgamate the site with that of an adjoining site belonging to B Y Raghavendra.

However, the case against Bharathi Shetty has been dismissed. The case has been adjourned to March 16, and Yeddyurappa will have to appear in the court on that day. All the accused have obtained anticipatory bail from the High Court.

Counsel for the petitioner Sirajin Basha had sought directions from the Court to order for an inquiry under Section 202 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Inquiry ruled out

But, Judge N K Sudhindra Rao ruled that there was no necessity for calling an inquiry at the present stage and declared there were sufficient grounds to conduct proceedings against the accused and ordered the issue of summons.

The Judge also dismissed the case against Bharathi Shetty and another accused G Selva Kumar in the same complaint. While the Judge ruled that there was no case made out against Bharathi Shetty, he dismissed the case against Selva Kumar as there was no address, description or any material provided against him. The complainant had stated that 14,432 sq ft of land in Nagashettihalli was denotified in Selva Kumar’s name, although he was not the original owner of the land.

Seven accused

The original complaint filed against Yeddyurappa had eleven accused persons. However, the counsel for the complainant had earlier withdrawn the names of former Minister Krishnaiah Setty and Director of E Ramamurthy Minerals, and Metals Private Limited, Praveen Chandra as the instance is already under trial in another private complaint filed by Sirajin Basha.

In the present form, the complaint has seven accused, B S Yeddyurappa, B Y Vijayendra, B Y Raghavendra, R N Sohan Kumar, Praveen Shetty, B S Ashok Kumar and B R Shetty.


1 The first instance pertains to Yeddyurappa denotifying three pieces of land measuring 1 acre 36 guntas, 23 guntas and 33 guntas of adjoining land in Hebbala Amanikere village in favour of Trishul Developers represented by Prakash Shetty. Trishul Developers had illegally purchased the land after it was notified by the BDA. In return, Trishul had paid a total of Rs 2.75 crore to Dhavalagiri Properties owned by Yeddyurappa’s two sons and his son-in-law with a stake of Besto Ice Cream represented by Ashok Kumar.
Total loss to the exchequer: Rs 101.27 crore.

2 This relates to illegal denotification of 11 acres and 25 guntas of land in Srirampura Village of Yelahanka Hobli, acquired by the BDA for the formation of Arkavathy Layout with the final notification given in 2004. The original owner of the land B R Shetty, who did not challenge the denotification, wrote twice to the Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa in August 2008, seeking denotification of land for different reasons. Yeddyurappa denotified the land in May 2010. Later Ashok Kumar of Besto Ice Cream purchased 2 acres 20 guntas of the same land for Rs 3.75 crore, when the market value was Rs 54.45 crore
Total loss to the exchequer: Rs 50.70 crore

3 Two adjoining sites were allotted to B Y Raghavendra and MLC Bharati Shetty, in RMV 2nd Stage under ‘G’ category despite Raghavendra not being eligible for the site, as he already owned other properties. Later, both of them submitted two applications, one to sell the sites ahead of the lease period and then to amalgamate them. Both these applications were rejected by the BDA. Both of them then got khatas effected in BBMP East Zone for the respective sites and got plans sanctioned respectively to construct two identical houses with identical plan and identical measurements.