Corruption affecting governance at Centre, State, says Governor

Corruption affecting governance at Centre, State, says Governor

‘Caste and communalism have destroyed politics’

Governor H R Bhardwaj has said that governance was lacking both at the Centre and the State due to corruption.

Speaking after inaugurating a two-day national seminar on ‘The Constitution of India Diamond Jubilee Celebration – a Critical Analysis,’ here on Friday, the governor said corruption had become order of the day and voters should refuse to elect a corrupt man.

Bhardwaj noted that caste and communal obsessions had destroyed the political set up in the country. “It is a major drawback. Caste and communalism has destroyed everything in politics. Voting on caste consideration has crept into our system - this is not India, this was not how the Constitution was drawn up,” he said and called for framing a citizens’ charter with emphasis not exercising franchise on communal lines.

The first Union Cabinet headed by Pandit Nehru accommodated people from all religions and all walks of life. Maulana Azad always contested from a constituency dominated by Hindus. “These leaders had crossed the caste barriers and this is how one can emerge as a national leader.

They were legends. But things have now changed,” Bhardwaj lamented. He added that reservation had become an integral part of the system as India was still attempting to overcome discrimination based on caste and religion.

Speaking at another function, the governor justified his decisions of his office. “Many a times I have heard people saying that the governor can’t do this and that. I disagree. We (Governors) are the watchdogs. We are the guides and philosophers to the state governments.

“They (states) have to accept our suggestions. It is the governor’s responsibility to ensure that the state runs according to the Constitution,” he added.

In yet another public programme, Bhardwaj said he was satisfied with the present government in the State. However, he added that he had no personal rivalry with the former chief minister (B S Yeddyurappa) and that the law had taken its own course.