All for a cause

All for a cause

The ‘Kaviyatri Sammelan’ was unique mainly due to its topic. The recital sessions were based on the sole theme of pita, meaning father

Narrations: Poetesses at the ‘Kaviyatri Sammelan’.On the occasion of the upcoming spring festivities, ‘Kaviyatri Sammelan’, a poetry recital session was held recently in the City by Rajasthan Academy in collaboration with India Habitat Centre. It was the 21st in the succession since its inception.

Attended by various poets, who are also the members of Rajasthan Academy, these recitals were unique mainly due to the topic of poetry. The recital sessions were based on the sole theme of pita, meaning father.

Another distinctive feature was this year’s dedication to female poets of the academy. As many as 17 poetesses took part in the ‘Kaviyatri Sammelan’.

“We want to create awareness about the importance of a father as the head of a family. In these times when everyone talks about the importance of a mother, without taking into consideration the sacrifices made by a father in the interest of his family. We wanted to make a difference,” says Suman Mahestra, a poetess and member of the academy.

While everyone recited their verses glorifying the services of a father as the chief of a family, there were some who raised the twin issue of inflation and corruption through their poems. Poetesses like Nisha Bhargav had the audience bursting into laughter as she read out a couplet from her poem making mockery of corrupt officers in a satirical way.

Ram Nivas Lakhotia, president of the Rajasthan Academy believes that such events will help in promoting culture of poetry among Delhiites. “Such events connect people with culture of poetry and also encourage the members to write more on issues that are socially relevant,” he says.

He adds, “We also organise such events in schools. We want our new generation to take pleasure and interest in our rich cultural heritage.”