'Please... Pretty please!'

'Please... Pretty please!'

Expensive items

For most youngsters, convincing their parents to buy them a thing of their choice is not an easy task.

Demanding: Many youngsters feel convincing their parents is not an easy task.

They are often not successful in their first attempt especially if the demand is for an expensive thing.

A majority of them agree that it requires several rounds of convincing for their demand to be fulfilled. Metrolife speaks to a few students on how they get the things they desire.

Most of the time, the problem arises when children ask for expensive gadgets. Though parents don’t feel happy to say no to their demands, they think it’s a waste of money. But effective convincing helps in this regard. Vineeta, a degree student, feels one can succeed only after several appeals.

“I keep telling my parents what I want and why I want it. But often, I melt if they speak about financial constraints,” she says while adding, “But girls have an advantage. If we start crying, they give in to our demands immediately whereas boys can’t apply this trick,” she smiles.

Whenever she wants something, she makes it clear to her parents that there is a valid reason behind it.  “When I had asked for a cellphone a year back, I told them several reasons for it. My parents got convinced immediately and bought the best model for me,” she recollects. Now, she is eyeing a laptop and is hopeful to get it.

Convincing parents is not an easy task for everyone. According to Pooja A, an engineering student, one must study the nature of parents before putting forth their demands. 

“When I wanted a cellphone four years back, my mother was against it. Though I didn’t have much savings, I declared to her that I will buy it with my own money. That time, my elder sister came to my rescue and bought a mobile phone for me,” she says.

“If I want anything that’s expensive, I start listening to my parents and act like an obedient daughter. Slowly, I reveal my demands and convince them how badly I need that particular thing and how important it is to me. I compare myself to my friends who already have that particular thing. If they still don’t listen, I start a strike and stay upset till my demand is fulfilled,” she explains.

This time, she is planning to buy an iPhone with her earnings. “I have been placed in a company and will start working soon. I am hopeful to utilise my first salary for my dream gadget,” she says. For Harsha, an engineering student, the situation at home became tense after he asked for a bike.

“My mother was scared after reading reports about accidents in newspapers. Hence, my parents were against the idea of purchasing a bike for me. I pleaded for three months.

When they were not ready, I stopped coming home and started living in my friend’s house. Finally, they agreed to buy a bike for me with the condition that I ride safe,” he says and adds that he has kept his promise till date.

The underlying thing here is that parents don’t want their kids to be deprived of anything.

With just a little bit of convincing, youngsters can get everything they want.