Goyal warns of tough action against pilots

Goyal warns of tough action against pilots

Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, Goyal termed the agitation as “completely wrong and illegal” and added the “pilots cannot hold the airlines, country and passengers to ransom”.

Asked about the demand for reinstatement of the sacked pilots, he said the agitators were “misleading” other pilots.

Contempt of court

“Their strike is illegal, it’s a contempt of court. I hope sense will prevail. If they don’t come to work, we will have to look at legal options and I hope this doesn’t happen,” Goyal said.

He asked the striking pilots to follow the Bombay High Court order and cautioned them against the contempt of court.

On whether he would close operations, the chairman said, “I will not allow to be held hostage. Whatever has to be done, we will do it. There are 30,000 employees involved... It is the question their livelihood...”.

According to the Jet boss, he has “no difficulty meeting” the pilots to resolve the matter amicably as it will be good for the company, the future of these employees and the reputation of the country.

He added, “I hope things go back to normal... That’s my only request to people who are misleading... And go back to normal operations.”

On whether he would hold talks with the NAG, the Jet Chairman said, “I have no difficulty in meeting them, in sitting with them, so that the matter is resolved amicably.”

“I would apologise to the customers who have suffered because of this strike. They know that we have given them the best possible services worldwide. We are doing everything possible,” according to him.

“If pilots do not join work back, we will not be left with an option but to continue with the rule of law”.

“They have made the passengers suffer. Inspite of them being rostered they did not report to duty,” Goyal added.