Present education system is a bane: Sarang founders

Last Updated : 22 April 2012, 16:58 IST

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Education from which knowledge is derived is necessary and not the education which corrupts  children’s mind, said founder of Sarang Alternative School, Kerala, Gopal Krishnan.

He was speaking during an interaction with journalists here recently. He said, education should involve culture and knowledge. Knowledge would be gained only when a child participates in learning.

“Printed texts do not provide children with necessary knowledge. Periodicals would be a better alternative. Present education system turns out to be a bane rather than boon. Children must be taught to use these gadgets properly,” he said.

Citing his children’s example, he said, children should first understand about their own selves, only
then they can tackle problems in life. They can take care of their health when they know about their body and its organisation.

“None of my three children Gautham, Kannaki and Unniyarchi have gone to any formal schools and my elder son Gautham runs a similar cultural extension school. Two daughters are students of Sarang school now. Gautham’s children are not vaccinated. Vaccinations are planned programmes of MNCs.”

Wife of Gopal Krishnan, Vijayalakshmi said that they faced a lot of opposition when they started the school.

The couple opine that knowledge and awareness gained in life through experiences makes them intellectual. “People who opposed us previously,  encourage us now,” they said.

Published 22 April 2012, 16:58 IST

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