Old age, a bliss or a woe

Old age, a bliss or a woe

Sometimes, as years advance and you become a senior citizen, no more wanted and ready to be thrown into the side lines to watch the game in progress; you can no more take part in it but be only a silent spectator if you wish. 

It could happen that you cannot even do that because your bones have started creaking, the muscles have lost their tang and every step is a challenge, you cannot tolerate the loud music of modern generation and the meaningless gyrations that go by the name of dance. 

You would like to graciously withdraw and keep to yourself or sit in silent reverie of the bygone days when you were young and active. Everybody wanted you then. Now no one is interested even to know whether you are around or not. 

Out of sight, out of mind is true perhaps as the popular saying goes. One of the books of the Bible Ecclesiastes or Koheleth in its 12th chapter has a very beautiful description of old age but the advice there is for the young to enjoy life peacefully in God’s presence and not wait till the old age comes.

But old age has its own perks which you can enjoy if you know how to. One is to let everything go and not hold on and cling as if your very life and happiness depended on it. Even friends if they wish to distance themselves from me, I should let them go gracefully. 

Why waste time in regrets. Speaking of regrets, old age is one time when people tend to think of the past and give in to regrets. 

There is no earthly use in such an exercise. What is past is indeed past; it will not come back again; why should I let it unnecessarily haunt me? 

If you are old and are reading this, thank God for everything in your past life, even for what may appear as negative things; you have come across from them. 

Let me get on what is left of me. God made me to be happy here on earth and forever happy in the life to come! 

I like to think of old age as a God-given opportunity to do all the good which I wanted to do and could not. Obviously I cannot do everything but some things I can and I should. 

To visit the poor and help if possible; to visit the sick and bring them consolation; to give company to other aged people especially those for whom no one cares or whose loved ones are far away. 

Sometimes we may feel disgusted with someone whom we have categorized in our mind as grumpy and unlovable; maybe that person is just waiting to be invited into real happiness for a change. Young at times need guidance and when they do ask do we find the time for them? 

It does not mean that we turn into nosy parkers but only we should always discretely let it be known that we are there for them when they need. 

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