Villages in Malur dry up in summer heat

Villages in Malur dry up in summer heat

Borewells, tanks across the taluk have virtually no water; private tankers are the last resort.

varied solutions: Private tankers are filled with water from a borewell on the outskirts of Malur town.

Another summer has set in, bringing with it severe shortage of water, dry borewells and tanks, and cracks on the earth that feels like a hotplate.

The government is no doubt releasing funds to overcome the problem of water shortage, but the people continue to struggle for water supply.

The efforts taken by the local municipality is yielding no effective result. The elected representatives and officers, however, are not taking enough trouble to solve the problem.

To make matters worse, the tanks and most other water bodies all over the taluk are dry. The recent splash of rain has cooled down the air a bit, but man and animal everywhere are still struggling for every drop of water.

Women walking two to three kilometres day and night to get water from private farms has become a common sight in the taluk. Some others, who can afford, purchase water cans.

Up to 150 borewells in Malur town were functional, but since the onset of summer, less than half are found to have water in them. As many as 80 borewells have dried and only the remaining 70 still have water.

As an alternative, talks are on with private borewell owners to supply water to the town from their borewells, said A Rajappa, vice-president of the town municipality.

Universal problem

The town has as many as 23 wards and only a few have been spared of the problems of drought and water shortage.

Officers of the municipality purchase water from private borewells at the rate of Rs 80 per tanker. The municipality supplies up to 48 tankerloads water a day, with eight tankers carrying as much as six loads of water. In addition, some people supply water carrying cans in autorickshaws, at Rs 40 a can.

The condition in rural areas is worse.

As many as 1,96,393 people live in the 345 villages in the 28 gram panchayats in Malur taluk. There are 419 borewells for water supply to all these villages, but the borewells in at least 126 villages have already dried.

Badarinath, assistant commissioner of the Zilla Panchayat said the villages are supplied water from private borewells and tankers.

The situation has been worsening the last four to five years. The government has been sinking borewells as a temporary measure.

However, since the underground water level is falling, most of the borewells have gone dry in the last three to four months.

Authorities are trying to sink more borewells, but a permanent irrigation project is said to be the best way to solve the problem.

“Rainwater harvesting is another effective means, which should be made compulsory. If every house collects and stores rainwater, use of borewells will reduce and the level of underground water will rise again,” said Tyavanahalli Dr Gopala Gowda, convenor of the Permanent Irrigation Committee.

“Houses that undertake rainwater harvesting should be given a subsidy in power supply. The following days will bring greater difficulties, if we fail at this,” he warned.

Thirsty GPs and villages

* Doddashivara: Vadaganahalli, Doddashivara, Maramakanahalli, Haripura, Gudnahalli
* Baliganahalli: Kadavanapura, Chalaganahalli
* Banahalli: Manchakal, Gundlahalli
* Nootave: Halepalya, Oosarahalli, Toralakki, Guruvalahatti, Adhikarahatti
* Rajenahalli: Gollahalli, Siddanahalli, Rajenahalli
* Nosagere: Byalahalli, Madanahatti, Marasandra, Upavasapura, Dommaluru, Kurandahalli
*Madivala: Hanumanayakanahalli, Lakkenahalli, Madivala, Yashwanthpura
* Araleri: Angashettyhalli, Upparahalli, Araleri
* Kondashettahalli: Kuntanahalli, Kondashettahalli, Chambe, Karangutte, Anepura, Kempanahalli
* Tekal: Mittiganahalli, Bettahalli, Banduru Agrahara, Dasarahalli, Tekal
* Kudiyanuru: Ramanathapura, Aranighatta
* Santhehalli: Nidaghatta, Mailandahalli
* H Hosakote: Seethanayakanahalli
* DN Doddi: Baraguru, DN Doddi
* Jayamangala: Jayamangala, Siddaganahalli
* Lakkur: Kodihalli, Lakkur
* Chikka Thirupathi: Chikka Thirupathi
* Trinasi: Tyaganadoddi, Trinasi
* Masti: Kesaragere, Masti
* Abbenahalli: Jakkasandra, Abbenahalli, Bhavanahalli, Tambahalli
* Hungenahalli: Doddakadaturu
* KG Halli: Hulikatte, Karadugurki, Jangalahalli, Lakshmisagara, Ullerahalli, Kotiganahalli, Kadirenahalli, Yaluvalli
* Chikka Kuntur: Bhuvanahalli, Byatarayanahalli, Narayanapura, Chikka Kuntur
* Dinnahalli: Gudlapalya, Ramapura, Digur, Goodihalli, Kondanahalli, Dinnahalli, Chikka Danavahalli, Ajjappanahalli, Hosamanegalu
* Huladenahalli: Obatti, Jinagathimmanahalli, Thirumalahatti, Koornahosahalli, Dinneriharohalli
* Shivara Pattana: Hoovalli, Seethappanahalli, Shivara Pattana, Karinayakanahalli, Ramenahalli
* Tornahalli: Alahalli
* Hasandahalli: Hasandahalli

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