Villagers clear encroachments on their own in Srirangapatna

Villagers clear encroachments on their own in Srirangapatna

Villagers of Kodishettypura in Srirangapatna voluntarily demolished illegal encroachments on Sunday. DH photo. DH photo

Villagers from Kodishettypura on Sunday voluntarily cleared all the illegal constructions, which were encroaching on the roads, drains and other public places in the village.
All the elders and youngsters in this village, came into a consensus with no external pressure, and decided to go forward with this noble idea.

A group of villagers walked through every street of the village and identified the illegal constructions.

They then went on to demolish huts, houses and cow sheds, which were abutting into the roads and drains, with crowbars and pickaxes. Though the decision meant a lose of property, one individual from every house supervised and ensured that the task was completed.

While there was some opposition to this decision, it did not hinder the process as most of the villagers had arrived at a consensus, keeping in mind the larger good.

“Encroachments on the smaller streets in the village had made the movement of bullock carts difficult. With an intention of maintaining the village in a planned manner, we demolished the encroachments without any bias. We also sought the permission of the public, by convincing them about the common good,” said former Grama Panchayat president Shivaram, vice-president Kenchegowda, Honnegowda, Chikkanna and others.

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