Department: Another dud from RGV factory

Department: Another dud from RGV factory

It’s a teacup. And it’s moving. Oh, it’s half empty. Wait, somebody has put a spoon in it.
Now, that’s a toenail. A stranger to pedicure too. Here come the shoes, with a microscopic view of the dust under them. We are moving up now — only to greet somebody’s unmentionables.

Meet the “innovatively” jerky cameras of Ram Gopal Varma that make Department the mother of all duds. Even, his Aag feels like bliss.

RGV’s pervert lenses specialise in extreme close-ups, especially of crotches. They venture up occasionally, to explore hairy chests and nostrils.

After dissecting the anatomy of the three main men — cop Sanjay Dutt, protege Rana Daggubati, and don-turned-politician Amitabh Bachchan — the digicams widen their canvas to accommodate scavenging crows and carrom boards.

Sanjay Dutt does a Sunny Deol, bringing down buildings as he hammer-throws his victims against them. Gravity is non-existent for Daggubati too. He takes on the underworld and sends them up on high-altitude holidays.

Some laughs (though unintended) are provided by Madhu Shalini, the moll who tries too hard to look lethal, but ends up, well, a trier. Bachchan, as the maverick minister, talks nonsense. The little tinkling bell on his wrist sounds more sane.

Sorry RGV, your factory needs a revamp in all departments. Urgently.

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