Is love worth the distraction?

Is love worth the distraction?

infatuated with romance

Expectations from love and relationships are at their peak as youngsters step into college.

It is largely thanks to the larger-than-life Bollywood movies that youth end up continuously searching for that ‘someone special’ at this age. If all those onscreen romances are to be believed then ‘life is love and one must embrace love till the end of life’ but doesn’t love end up being just another distraction in real life? Metrolife speaks to some people to get to the bottom of the debate.

“Love is a distraction for fools. For me, it is a factor that motivates me to achieve stuff in life. I mean, after getting into a relationship, I work harder now to gain more things. Moreover if you are passionate about anything in life nothing can distract you from achieving it and you can’t ignore the fact that a relationship comes with a lot of benefits too. I talk about each and every smallest problem with my girlfriend, without fears and I get suggestions that help too,” says Chirag Grover, a 21-year old B.Tech student.

Yet Chirag may just be an exception. For youth, love is a major influence that comes in the way of their careers and other important decisions that one needs to make at that point of time. Now it’s up to them to decide whether they take it forward as a motivational factor or as a hurdle in their path of success.

Admitting the reality, Amarpreet Singh says “Love is definitely a distraction. It influences your decision-making big time. Most of the times, unconsciously, I take decisions that I would have never taken if I would have been single. The effect can also be seen academically because most of the time while studying, my mind is already pre-occupied with her thoughts and tensions sometimes.”

The problem is not only restricted to couples but singles also get caught up in the rigmarole. Intense peer pressure directly or indirectly demands that there must be a boyfriend/girlfriend in the picture to appear ‘cool’ and ‘with it’. So, they strive hard to find an appropriate match for themselves leading to diversion from things that need more attention. “I definitely feel lonely and depressed when I find myself alone.

The problem would not have been so worse if all my friends were single. But they all are committed and hang around with boyfriends most of the time. These thoughts keep me distracted,” Trisha Shrivastava, a undergraduate student, tells Metrolife.

For youth, it is the infatuation factor that takes the spotlight away from everything else. But it is up to the youth to get distracted or not.

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