An array of favourites

An array of favourites

The students of Seshadripuram College have a lot to boast about when it comes to hangouts. They have a long list of names. But when it comes to their most favourite and the most popular hangout, they restrict themselves with great difficulty to a few of them.

Gullus Chaat is ranked first in their list of favourite hangouts. It is famously called as Gullu’s yaar amongst them. Almost all kinds of chaats are available at Gullu’s and these are loved by most students.

But their favourites are masala puri, bhel puri, pani puri and sev puri. Two of the unique drinks here are masala Pepsi and masala Coke. Many students go to this place after college, just to drink the masala Pepsi clubbed along with an extremely spicy chaat.
Most of the times, this turns out to be their brunch as college starts around 7 in the morning and gets over by 11.30 or latest by 12:30. Once class gets over, Gullu’s is their destination. The milkshakes here are the other hot favourites. Many students sit over a glass of milkshake and a ‘chaat’ for hours together. They sit and gossip here for long hours.

Says Shwetha H K, “My friends and I go to Gullu’s mainly for the masala Pepsi and the chaats. A plus point here is that all of us can sit for long, make any amount of noise, laugh and talk. We sit here for two hours at least or sometimes even more than that. There is no restriction of time and this is what most of us love. That’s because as students, we love to sit and talk and sometimes, nobody goes home before 3.” The prices are very affordable as well.

Shanthi Sagar, Chetty’s Corner and Bhimas Garden (known as Bhimas amongst the students) are their next destinations. Since they come early to college, most of the students eagerly wait for the afternoon to arrive. What most students like about Shanthi Sagar is the Indian version of the Chinese dishes.

“The Chinese dishes are spicy here and taste like any other Indian dish. Moreover, the prices are not exorbitant like other Chinese restaurants. Our group comes here often and we simply love paneer butter masala along with rotis. Even the gobi manchurian here tastes very good,” says Amulya V S.

The biriyani at Bhimas is relished by most students.

 Another unique hangout of the Seshadripuram College students is Shiva’s Xerox. Though this is a place where students come to photocopy all their notes because the rates are very low here, they hangout near this shop and usually drink coffee or tea. They also get parceled food from other places and eat it at this shop. The students love spending long hours with their friends here and interestingly, the guys of the college hangout here more often.

Lakshmi Narayana says, “Most of us hangout at Shiva’s Xerox store. We give our notes for photocopying and spend long hours over a cup of coffee or tea. We spend a lot of time here and have so much fun. We don’t have to spend much money also as its very economical.”