Who says men don't care about their looks?

Who says men don't care about their looks?

Beautiful men

Who says men don't care about their looks?

Though being ‘Metrosexual’ became the ‘in’ thing long time ago, now is the time when men have actually be­gun experimenting with the­ir personal appearance. With a wide range of men’s beauty products available in today, it has become hard for men to stop themselves from trying them.

“Why do only girls deserve to look good? Why do people start comparing boys to girls when these types of products are meant for men? I do not find anything girly about them. It’s all about how presentable you want to be in front of others,” defends Pulkit Gulati, a student.

It is not about how much or to what extent boys need these products, it is the image that these products have managed to create in a consumer’s mind through advertisements and promotions.

With virtually all the leading movie stars promoting these brands, more and more young male customers are getting attracted to them resulting in increased sales.
“If a cream promises to make me fairer and it is being made by a good, known international brand, I see no harm in giving it a try.

The same is the case with other skin products. After all, we too have a right to look good. I don’t see why it should be considered ‘unmanly.’ It’s not that these products change the way we behave,” Gagan Gandhi tells Metrolife. Going with the flow, shops selling such products are making huge profits.

Two years back these products were unavailable as they were unpopular but now you see posters outside almost every shop.

“Earlier the sale of men’s beauty products was much less but recently we have seen a great boom in this industry.

With all major actors getting involved in these advertisements, people have started following these products and come to us regularly demanding same in large numbers,” is how Chirag Grover, a shopkeeper in Subhash Nagar, explains the trend.

The effect is not only restr­i­cted to shops providing beauty products but the conseque­n­ces are visible in men’s salons too. Salons are not confining themselves to haircuts alone, they are now making available a lot of other facilities too.

Sunny Malhotra, owner of Scissor in Ashok Nagar, West Delhi says, “We are earning a lot from facials and bleach for men. Even threading, hair colour and skin toners are in demand these days. People are so concerned about their looks and their number is increasing.”

This may be considered as a need by this new generation or it could be peer pressure or simply a move to look close to perfect but the truth is beauty products are not only limited to women only.

It is indeed only a matter of time before the market for grows bigger and better with the growing influences on the minds of men.

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