Writer's garden

Writer's garden

Dear Teacher

In front of a tall ladder, I stood
Wondering whether or not I could climb it;
Then You came and told me that I surely could
And made me climb it bit by bit.

I stood in the middle of a crossroad
Wondering which way I should take;
Finally in that direction I rode
Which You said would make me a cherry on the cake.

I was in a room fully dark
There was no light anywhere nearby;
You came and soon lit a spark
And into the bright light, taken was I.

No  matter whether I was here or there
Very far from me, You never were;
For all this support and care
My grateful salutation to You, Dear Teacher!

Nikhila B. S. X ‘A’, Sri Kumaran Children's

Air I love you!

Oh dear Air
Is there a place where you aren’t there?
to people who fly kites, you bring them fun
you are loved by each and everyone
I keep thinking whether you need food too
I try to imagine what would I do without you
You help us in breathing
you give life to everything living
you have been there on earth since very long
how did you get there? that I want to know
All I want to say is you’re everywhere
Just know that I love you AIR!

D. Shashank, VIII ‘E’, K.V. Hebbal

Mother my ANGEL

She is a kind and lovable girl
like a beautiful pearl
when she serves everyone
then her work is done
when anyone is in need
she would run and come indeed
when you are facing a great fear
she would be with you and work hard
for you to bring a reward
she for me, is a beautiful angel
who will build my future castle
she is my beloved mother
my godess, my lord

Ravi Chandra C.
8th ‘B’, Sri Kumaran’s English School


Music is fantastic
it is one thing which is melodious
pleasant and fabulous
it is one thing which is not sadness
which brings me more happiness
it is one thing which is soft as cream
which makes everyone lost in their dreams
it is something which calms my head
which makes me sleep peacefully on the bed.

Surabhi R. Kurpad

Nobody knows this little Rose

Nobody knows this little Rose --
It might a pilgrim be
Did I not take it from the ways
And lift it up to thee.
Only a Bee will miss it --
Only a Butterfly,
Hastening from far journey --
On its breast to lie --
Only a Bird will wonder --
Only a Breeze will sigh --
Ah Little Rose -- how easy
For such as thee to die!

Emily Dickinson 
IX ‘A’, Venkat International Public School

I Love my SCHOOL

it is  beautiful it is fine
all classes full of girls and boys
six days of joy
our principal is great and kind
she has care and love in mind
my dear school, a treasure chest
full of knowledge and the rest
are my friends, my elders, I give a call,
my school is the best, the best of all.

Ravi Chandra C.

The solar system

The great, big, huge sun
Stays there always shining
While we enjoy and have fun
Never to give up glowing!
The first planet is Mercury
The smallest planet people say
For it is so near to the sun
That it reddens due to the sun's ray!

Second comes the Venus
We say it is the hottest planet
It's called earth's sister
And for people to live in it; it won't let!
Third is our mother Earth
It gives shelter to many living beings
It is also called the blue planet
And it contains air, water and other things!

Fourth in the queue is Mars
It is also known as the red planet
Scientists say it may contain life
And from there we can see the sun set!
Fifth in line is Jupiter
It is the biggest in the family
It also has a big red spot
And has thin rings simply!

The sixth planet is Saturn
It is famous for its huge rings
It is the second biggest planet
And children say it has wings!
Seventh comes Uranus
With its unusual shade of sea green
Eighth comes the planet Neptune
This is Uranus's twin as we have seen!
So these are the things we have seen
Through the journey of the celestial beings
It is a very interesting thing ever been
The most important of all things!

Prakruthi Harihar, VII Std 'D' Sec
Sri Kumaran Children's Home-CBSE