Cook slams GB Taekwondo

Taekwondo world number one Aaron Cook has been left numb by his omission from Britain's Olympic team and believes he is being punished for dropping out of the country's performance programme last year.

The British Olympic Association (BOA) said in a statement on Friday its four-member Olympic qualification standards panel had agreed to back east Londoner Lutalo Muhammad over European champion Cook in the -80kg division.  The decision triggered accusations that the selection was politically motivated.

In an interview with Daily Telegraph, Cook said he merited a place in the team and that his "nightmare ordeal" did not bode well for the future of the sport in Britain.

"This has never been a personal battle between Lutalo Muhammad and myself," he said. "The fight is me versus GB Taekwondo, which is denying my childhood dream of Olympic gold — a dream I believe I had earned through my performances.”

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