Indian officials in Oz closely following attack on students

Indian officials in Oz closely following attack on students

"We are very closely following and trying to help out these victims for all possible support," Melbourne Consulate General Anita Nayyar said.

"We are having regular meetings with the officials here apart from that we are also closely following up the case on individual basis," she said stating that it was a part of a normal drill that was being done by the consulate.

She said the office was making all possible efforts to help out Indian students as well as community members who have been unfortunately targetted by the attackers irrespective of racism involved or not.

Consulate office that took swift and proactive action to support Shravan Kumar whose comatose pictures sent shock waves across the country has already installed welfare officer on weekly basis for the Indian students and community members.

It is also learnt that there are regular meets between the consular and Victorian authorities to discuss the ongoing issue of Indian student attacks.

"We have already welfare officer who is there every Friday for the community,' Nayyar said, adding that there was an emergency number round the clock as well.