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Manchester United has certainly grown beyond football. Nicknamed ‘Red Devils’, it has evolved in every sense of the term, including the colour, into a global merchandise. Red is Manchester United’s theme. It signifies aggression and an energy of a different kind and this is what the brand has stood for since its inception.

Jagdeep Hokeen, brand manager of Manchester United, doesn’t hold back his pride when he says, “The focus is always on Manchester United crest and the red devil logo, which are the distinct marks of recognition. In all our designs, there is focus on the clarity and the visibility of the branding and the logo. Which is what a fan also looks for.”

The marketing team of the brand has done their homework and has concluded that their fans never get tired of red.

“Red is what conveys the enthusiasm of the players and fans in true spirit. We have the same red which is used in store design, product packaging and communication,” Jagdeep explains. The brand stocks a range of sportswear from shorts, three quarter pants to tracks — all in different cuts, colours and combinations. All the clothes have red as its base.

The brand’s clothes are divided into three collections — ‘Classic’, ‘Leisure’ and ‘Heritage.’ The T-shirts under ‘Classic’ are inspired from the logo and font of the brand wherein the styles are clean and have ergonomic cut and sew details. The ‘Leisure’ has distress graphics with new print techniques and bold messages making the collection fashionable and trendy.

‘Heritage’ collection is inspired from college and university inspired emblems and has a retro feel to it.

Walk into any store and you would find an enviable range of sports accessories such as caps, bags, socks, stoles, sipper bottles, footballs, arm bands, towels, calendars and clocks. Jagdeep believes that innovation is the key to staying ahead in the competition and to be able to satisfy the fans’ demands is what makes the brand popular.

“We should be able to reach out to more enthusiasts and convert them into loyal fans,” concludes Jagdeep. 

Mohammed Sadiq, II year BCA, Garden City College, wore a red and white striped T-shirt with grey tracks from the ‘Heritage’ collection.

Punchline: “I love the grey tracks with the contrasting T-shirt. This is the perfect outfit to play just about any sport.”

Price: Tracks (Rs 1,699) and T-Shirt (Rs 1,499)

Shivshankar, III year BCom, Kristu Jayanti College, chose a red T-shirt from the ‘Leisure’ collection and black tracks from the ‘Heritage’ collection.

Punchline: “I like the look and feel of the clothes. And it’s just perfect as sportswear. It looks really classy.”  

Price: T-Shirt (Rs 1299) and tracks (Rs 1699)

Santosh N, II year MCA, New Horizon College, slipped into a black T-shirt from the ‘Heritage’ collection and matched it with a pair of shorts from the ‘Classic’ collection 

Punchline: “I am a big fan of the brand and they have the best sportswear.I am sure I will come back to pick up some more stuff.”

T-Shirt (Rs 999) and shorts (Rs 1,399)

Mohanraj, III year BBM, CMR College of Management, wore a full-sleeved grey T-shirt from the ‘Classic’ collection with a pair of short black pants from the ‘Leisure’ collection

Punchline: “The T-shirt is not only comfortable but it has an amazing design of the brand and the black pants are a good contrast.” 

Price: T-Shirt (Rs 1,999) and short pants (Rs 1,799).

Preetham, II year, BCA, Ramaiah Degree College, wore a red T-shirt from the ‘Heritage’ collection and a black pair of shorts from the ‘Classic’ collection.

Punchline: “I really love the fabric and holding the skate board adds a sporty feel to the whole look. I would love to come back to pick up more stuff.”

Price: T-Shirt (Rs 999) and shorts (Rs1,399)

Shaurya Prateek, IV year, mechanical engineering, Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, wore black shorts from the ‘Classic’ collection and a T-shirt from the ‘Heritage’ collection. He complimented the look with a red and white jacket.

Punchline: “The overall look is really good. I wear more of casuals and the contrast is rather striking.”

Price: Shorts (Rs 1,399) T-shirt (Rs 999) and jacket (Rs 2,299)

(Published 17 June 2012, 12:31 IST)

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