PETA raises voice against leather goods, animal abuse

PETA raises voice against leather goods, animal abuse

With the beginning of the three-day international leather fair, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) staged a protest at Central Park’s gate in Connaught Place on Thursday to create awareness about the cruelty suffered by animals during leather extraction process.

A PETA activist wearing a coat with the arms, legs and heads of baby dolls said, “Everybody is somebody’s baby. We should go leather free.”

This campaign – which is the latest effort against the leather-industry and its cruelty towards animals – aims to raise awareness about the abuse that animals endure before their skin is made into coats, shoes, bags and other products.

“People who would never think of buying coats made from the skins of human babies
should not wear coats made from the skins of cows and other animals who were tormented and slaughtered for their body parts,” said Chani Singh, PETA India campaign coordinator.

The animal rights body urged everyone to choose only products made from mock leather, fabric or synthetic materials.

PETA activists pointed out that animals such as cows, buffaloes and other animals used for leather in India are often crammed into vehicles in such high numbers that they end up breaking their bones.

Those survive this ordeal have their throats cut in full view of other animals and many of them are dismembered and skinned while they are still conscious.

In India, the leather industry ignores even the most basic animal protection laws.
The run-off from leather tanneries poisons rivers and streams, harming all life in the water. It has also been linked to cancer, respiratory infections and other illnesses in humans, as stated by doctors.

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