Best foot forward

High Time

Best foot forward

Despite being uncomfortable, high-heeled shoes have become an essential part of a girl’s wardrobe.Whether they help boost confidence or augment style factor, these accessories definitely elevate a girl’s appearance — literally.

While some love them and others hate them, none can deny that we can’t do without them. The girls know what we’re talking about —
high heels.

 Despite several negative

reviews by experts, heels have become an essential ingredient in every girl’s wardrobe.
Nineteen-year-old Saaniya Zaveri explains why she can’t do without heels as an essential part of any ensemble she puts together. “My love for fashion instigated my love for heels. And my height was a definite contributing factor,” she laughs.

“Heels have the ability to turn any outfit around from being completely boring to super chic,” she smiles. An added advantage to collecting shoes as she does is the fact that shoe sizes do not change.

“You don’t have to worry about them becoming tight or loos over time, like clothes,” continues the lover of high heels.

From chunky wedges to strappy tie-ups, velvet pumps to the more precarious stiletto heels, the exalted shoes have always been in fashion, adding that extra edge to a girl’s look.

   Student Sanjana Upadhyay has a modest collection of high-heeled shoes.
“Most are black but in different designs – pumps for casual occasions and stilettos for the grander ones. I really like peep-toes as well,” she recounts.

Be it neutral tones for formal events or a vibrant range of party wear, heels have treaded their way to becoming a chic must-have.

 However behind the well portrayed façade of elegance is the sore truth — as classy as heels may look, there are those who believe that the shoes were invented
solely to destroy women’s feet.

Harshita Umesh has a lot to say about the downside to the high-flying shoes.
“Sure, they make you look and feel good, but the after effects are killer!” she shakes her head.

“I mean sores and shoe-bites? Ouch!” she winces. For her, she claims it’s “Comfort over sores, any day!”  Sanjana, too, gets slightly apprehensive while wearing her highest pairs of shoes.

“I’m rather clumsy so I sometimes fear that I might trip,” she giggles.
Swarnima Korde provides a good solution to this aspect.

“Personally, I don’t prefer wearing heels — I have just one pair,” she says, explaining that she’s seen women suffer from knee problems after wearing the villainous shoes for long stretches of time.

“But I had heard of these heel stoppers with a base that you can attach to your shoes. When I suggested them to my heel-loving friends, voila! It worked,” she adds.
She goes on to explain exactly how the heel stopper helps support the feet,
saying, “It reduces the pressure on the foot so one can wear high heels for longer,without feeling the pain.”

“A further bonus is that you can wear your heels
in grassy patches and on stone floors – the stoppers add friction so that you don’t slip,” she adds. She also comments on how the stopper is gaining popularity in the United States and in India.
Sure enough, the device must come as a blessing
to heel-lovers across the country. There are those who feel the twinges of pain, but cannot live without the elevating shoes.

“I can’t wait to try the stopper,” says a wistful Saaniya. “I hope it helps because I love the confidence that wearing heels gives me. It automatically adds a considerable amount of elegance to one’s demeanor,” she points out.

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