Ayush doctors want recognition on par with their selfless service


Ayush stands for Ayurvedic, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddi and Homeopathy medical systems. Ayush doctors have a demand to be fulfilled and they blame the State government as it has turned a deaf ear. 

The Ayush doctors who claim to have studied same syllabus nation wide, urge for implementation of amendment of Drugs and Cosmetic act 1945 rule 2 ee clause iii which says Indian system doctors (ayush) are considered, to facilitate ayush doctors to use allopathy or the modern medicines during emergency. 

The doctors say, their syllabus includes both the medical systems, one of  ayush which they have selected and also allopathy. They also complete their compulsory rotatory internship as MBBS doctors. 

Organising secretary of Ayush Federation of India, Karnataka chapter Dr Somashekar Huddar says, according to Supreme Court direction in 1998 in case of Mukthiyar Chand versus Punjab, the states had the power to permit ayush doctors to use allopathy medicines. Ayush doctors before 1970 had permission to use allopathy medicines which was cancelled later. 

They say 12 states including Chattisghar, Tamil Nadu, Jammu and Kashmir, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan have already brought in the amendment, under which ayush doctors could prescribe allopathy medicines. Among which Tamil Nadu has even permitted Ayush doctors of master degree to conduct surgeries.  The doctors say their demand of including them to registered medical practitioners (RMP) would help assist them in emergency cases. 

There are 40,000 ayush doctors and 80,000 allopathy doctors and about 1.2 lakh quack practioners in Karnataka. 

Ayush doctors regret for their service being used in different forms, but is not recognised. As MBBS doctors refuse to serve in ESI hospitals or at rural areas, ayush doctors are appointed at such places. They are even appointed as duty doctors at hospitals. 

Doctors say, their selfless service is done anywhere and question the discrimination done in State. 

Vice president of Mysore branch Dr Veeresh Babu says, the demand is kept before government for a holistic approach towards the medical system and nothing else. “As we have been taught allopathy medicinal system during our courses along with comparative study, it would be a justice if we are permitted to use the medicines when needed.”

There are many reasons for which doctors request for the amendment.  There are many treatments in Ayurveda which could not be complete without local anaesthesia and other requirements of allopathy. 

The most effective treatments found in Ayurveda, whether surgery or non-surgery treatments, the other medical systems supplement and complement. The doctors say because of no legal instruction, the ayush treatments should not be a waste. For instance, the treatment for jaundice in allopathy obviously gets assistance from ayurvedic treatment.

The patients who approach health centres at rural areas, prefer allopathy medicines for minor ailments. Most ayurvedic doctors appointed there would have to prescribe allopathy medicines, which they are not permitted.  The doctors question when there is permission for government appointed asha workers and others  to use methargin and oxytocin during safe labours, how could ayush doctors with five years of systematic education of medicine not use the allopathy medicines. 

They say repeated memoranda given to authorities have not benefitted since years.

Ayush Federation of India, Karnataka would close their clinics statewide on July 20 to urge the government to fulfil their demand.  If their demand seems to have no response, they would form human chains in all districts in prominent circles on July 21 and on July 22 ‘Bangalore chalo’ is organised at Freedom Park. 

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