For good results, schools shunt out poor performers

Conduct special exam for such students who pass in flying colours

Taking some extreme steps to ensure good results in the academic year, schools in Hassan district are adopting some extreme measures.

Stressed by the pressure to show good results in SSLC, the schools are filtering out low performing students in ninth standard. 

These students who do not score well in ninth standard, or fail in some subjects, are given supplementary exams again at the school reopening and they miraculously pass with flying colours. 

This allegedly happens after parents of such students and school management arrive at an agreement that the student would be relieved from the school soon after this ‘special’ exam is over. 

Then, the student is given transfer certificate, and are suggested to join another or any other school. 

Strict order

After having noticed that such incidents were on the rise in the district, education department issued strict order against this practice prevailing. 

Even the threat of pressing criminal charges against such schools, has failed to check the practice. However, this still continues under cover, and is thriving since parents fear they would be harassed by other schools in case they go public with this. 

Head Master of Government High School and PU College in Hassan said: “Every year, we used to have a separate batch of students who came from different schools, owing to low performance.

 Despite the strict order, 10 students have been shunted out from various schools and have been admitted with us.” 

The issue that is sure to snowball into something big, awaits the attention of education department. 

It is imminent that the department takes some strict steps and ensuring that its order is followed, than hoping the schools would follow it. 

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