Gowri Putra

Gowri Putra

Finding Ms Right and lifes lessons

Kannada (U/A)
Cast: Akshay, Nagshekar, Niveditha, Nikhitha Thukral and others
Director: Manjunath M Maskal Matti

The director has chosen a decent story of an upright youth looking for his Ms Right in vain. Girl after girl rejects him for one reason or another, but he ends up helping them all somehow.

Eventually, after many good turns, Ganesh (Akshay) finds bliss with Ranjitha (Nikhitha, seen after the ‘Darshan Drama’), the first girl to reject him. But not before life has taught him a few lessons. 

The Nagshekar-Niveditha segment is easily the most appealing and easy-to-understand part of the film. Till then, the film is a patch bereft of emotions, expressions or cohesion.

Cameos by Roopika and Manasi add to the film’s contrived appeal. New-find Rakesh impresses. Ramesh Bhat, ‘Sihi Kahi’ Geetha and others have nothing much to do.

The dialogue department is severely undermanned with the director turning up the writer; words that lack sense are aplenty as he struggles to present things the normal way.

Editing goes haywire, so does the lighting and camera shots before semblance of order is restored. Milind Dharmasen comes up with two decent numbers. A nice title, ‘Gowri Putra’ lacks that something to make it last.

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