Usain Bolts to greatness

Usain Bolts to greatness

When Usain Bolt settled into the starting blocks of the 200M final on Thursday night, he was an Olympic champion and a multiple gold-medallist. A fast 19.32 seconds later, the Jamaican had stormed into the gallery of legends.

No man in the history of the Olympic Games had ever defended his 200M gold. No man in history had won back-to-back gold medals in 100M and 200M. Having won the 100M gold last Sunday, Bolt was in a position to create history and he did just that with a supremely confident run from start to finish in front of 80,000 cheering fans.

“All I needed to do was to stay ahead of Yohan Blake. All my doubters have helped to push me. Loads of people were talking, but they can stop talking. This is my moment.  I am a legend,” declared the Jamaican after leading his country’s sweep of the podium. Blake was second, followed by Warren Weir.

From the time he stormed the Olympic scene at Beijing in 2008, the world has frequently wondered aloud about his abilities and the depth of his talent. And Bolt has time and again provided exhilarating displays of his power and speed in the fast lane. Along the way Bolt has had to ward off critics and even past greats who pointed fingers at him. Thursday night, the mere mention of nine-time champion Carl Lewis raised his hackles.

“I have no respect for Carl Lewis. The things he says about track athletes is really downgrading. He is just seeking attention,” said Bolt, referring to Lewis suggestion that the improvements made by the Jamaican sprinter were hard to believe.

On a lighter note, Bolt said he could try out other sports, may be football or cricket. And even the Indian Premier League, perhaps. Having achieved all his goals and still only 25, the world isn’t enough for this big Jamaican.

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