People's Problems

Provide additional bus facility

It will be convenient for people going to Mysore from in and around Rajarajeshwari Nagar if BMTC/KSRTC buses ply from Rajarajeshwari Nagar depot. 

It will help avoid traffic congestion at Nayandahalli and also help many to catch direct buses to Mysore. Similarly, if a direct bus is introduced from Rajarajeshwari Nagar to Shanthi Nagar depot, it will be more helpful for people travelling to Tamil Nadu and Kerala.  ­

The Bescom should simplify the procedure now being followed in case of an increase in the maximum demand for domestic consumers.

The present system involves red tape and provides opportunity for corruption. Since the existing meter can carry the load a fresh agreement could be an alternative.

A Chandrasekharan, Rajarajeshwarinagar

There is no direct BMTC bus service to City Market from Sahakaranagar ‘A’, ‘C’, ‘D’ and ‘F’ Blocks. The residents either have to go all the way to Kodigehalli bus terminus or to Kodigehalli gate near Bellary Main Road.

This becomes difficult for senior citizens.  While buses are available to Shivajinagar, Majestic and CV Raman Nagar, there are no buses to City Market. At least, every alternate bus (going to City Market) from Kodigehalli can be routed through Sahakaranagar, initially, to mitigate the problems of the residents.  I request the BMTC authorities to do the needful.

P Kanniyappan,  Sahakarnagar ‘A’ Block

Construct underpass at Madiwala checkpost

The pedestrians in Madiwala and Tavarekere are finding it extremely
difficult to cross over at Madiwala checkpost on Hosur Road - towards St Johns Hospital bus stop  - on Sarjapur Road due to huge pile of traffic.

There is no zebra crossing on Hosur Main Road and Sarjapur Road.

A flyover/underpass/overbridge from Madiwala checkpost to Forum Mall could mitigate the travails of pedestrians.

The authorities concerned are requested to take up the construction at the earliest.

R Wilfred Fernandes, Madiwala

ATM ‘unfriendly’ for customers

The ATM of the State Bank of Mysore near Mantri Tranquil Apartments on Gubbalala Road is situated at a higher gradient without any railings to climb the steep steps. After all the trouble, it is disgusting to find that the ATM does not work.  The kiosk is being used by some real estate agents and taxi service people as their contact point. One can find a bed stacked inside which goes to show that some one is using the kiosk as a bedroom. Several attempts to contact SBM authorities and complain about the ATM have not succeeded. Hope the bank shifts the ATM to a convenient location.

M V Nahusaraj Palm 7th Cross Kanakapura Main Road

Footpath occupied by vehicles

Two-wheelers and cars are parked on the road and footpath at the Seshadripuram bus stop near college.

The situation at Swastik Circle is still worse.  Trinity Hotel has converted the footpath into parking lot for four-wheelers.  Pedestrians cannot walk on the pavements as all the space is occupied by the vehicles.

Whenever traffic police / Hoysala come they ignore the vehicles parked on footpaths.  The authorities concerned should look into the problem and ensure that footpath is made free of vehicles.

An affected senior citizen

No water supply for a month

The residents of Prabhakar Layout, Yagappa Block, Vishwanath Nagenahalli, RT Nagar Post, Bangalore-32 are facing acute water crisis.

Not a single drop of water had been supplied to the area in the last one month and the residents are totally dependent on water supplied through tanker for potable and non-potable purposes, by paying exorbitant rate.

Oral and written complaints to the authorities concerned evoked no response. Though water is not supplied, billing is being made regularly.  The area had sufficient water supply during peak of the summer. It seems the problem is not shortage of water but that of management. 

The supply is diverted to other areas. All the borewells in the locality have dried up and residents are struggling to fetch drinking water. The authorities concerned are requested to take immediate action.

Residents of  Prabhakar Layout

Install road median at blind curve

The blind curve at the end of the stretch between Sapna Book Shop and ministers quarters on NP Road, before entering Kumarakrupa Road could be a potential accident spot. The BBMP can install a low-height median starting from the curve till Hopcoms to avoid accidents as many students use the road. Car entry slots may be provided facing the gates of these official residences.

V Dhar

Meat shops creating nuisance

None of the meat shops in Basavanna Nagar are covered and they sell meat products in the open.

The carcasses are disposed off grotesquely and all the butchering is done in the open.   The offals from the shops are thrown in the open drain and on the road sides thereby attracting stray dogs and flies.

This has resulted in foul smell from drains and unhygienic living condition for the residents of the area.

Residents of Basavanna Nagar, Hoodi, Whitefield

Overflowing manhole at Koramangala

The manhole in front of my house in Koramangala 8th Block, 8th Cross, Ramaiah Reddy kalyana mantap road overflows throughout the year, creating a pond on the road side.

The manhole has not been cleaned for several years and is full of silt.

Pedestrians are finding it very difficult to walk on this road. The stench from the manhole is unbearable and the stagnant sewage turns the area in to a mosquito breeding ground.

The misery compounds during rainy season as water enters the houses.

Every time the manhole overflows, some temporary repair is carried out but no steps have been taken to address the problem permanently. 

The sewage lines were laid about 25 years ago and due to increased flow, the pipes are able to withstand the pressure.

I request the authorities concerned to inspect the area and bring about a permanent solution for problem at the earliest.  

H R Ramesh Kumar, Koramangala

Binny Mill Road in pathetic state

The Binny Mill Road, from Sirsi Circle up to Magadi Road Junction is an important link road for vehicles going towards Mysore.

But the condition of the road is very pathetic.

Recently, the BWSSB dug the road to lay new water supply line and completed the work about four months ago.

However the portions of the road dug up have not been asphalted.

Besides lot of garbage is thrown recklessly on the footpath from Binny Mills to fruits (banana) wholesale market which is not cleared for months. The KSRTC buses are parked haphazardly on this stretch.

Pedestrians have no alternative but to walk on the road risking their life,
and motorists, particularly, two-wheelers are finding it very difficult to use the road.

  I therefore, request the BBMP authorities to look into the grievances and take early action to clear the footpath and repair the damaged portion of the road as soon as possible.

 M N Vijendra Rao, Hampinagar

Parking space not provided

The   Ajit Smrithi building/Rashtrotthana Sharirika Shikshana
Kendra, affiliated to RSS is functioning at a CA site on 36th Cross, 10th Main, 4th Block, Jayanagar, next to Jayanagar Telephone exchange.

It was imparting training in yoga, meditation etc. All of a sudden, it has rebuilt its structure, without providing parking space and has started a body massage and fitness center. It is unfortunate that such institutions which get site from government for some purpose misuse the same.

M Rao

Telephone connection delayed

On account of shifting of y residence, I requested CSC, Kavalbyrasandra to shift my telephone to Sahakaranagar area on May 23, 2012.Though the telephone was promptly disconnected on May 24, 2012, no action has been taken , in spite of my several visits to Sahakaranagar C

P K Krishnan, Nandanam, 5th Cross, 2nd Main, Defence Colony,Sahakaranagar

Pre-paid auto stand at satellite bus terminal

The satellite bus stand on Mysore Road is a major hub, with KSRTC buses towards Mysore and Tamil Nadu-bound buses originating there.

It would be convenient if steps are taken to provide a pre-paid auto stand there as autorickshaw drivers either refuse to ply to the commuters’ destination or seek exorbitant fares.

Another anomaly at the satellite bus stand is that drivers of buses to Mysore take a long time to depart, after the passengers are seated.

The drivers should ensure that passengers get in after buying tickets, instead of counting them later to check for those who are yet to buy tickets.

Suresh Rao,Hanumanthanagar

­Civic woes galore at Richmond Town

The Richmond Town – Langford Town area, once a prized place to live in, is now largely in a shambles.

Road maintenance is pathetic, footpaths where they exist, have lost their purpose, drains hardly drain anything, garbage and building materials are dumped or stored uncaringly, hygiene has gone for a toss, and the stench of urine, at many points, is unbearable.

The two localities seem to be in the blind spot of the civic authorities.

 Can the residents who pay  property tax, get the needed civic attention?

 Hero Vaz Kingston Road, Richmond Town

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