'I'm fit enough to do stunts'

'I'm fit enough to do stunts'

Big Plans

'I'm fit enough to do stunts'

The pretty damsel Nargis Fakhri was here in the City for the launch of a new bowling lounge, Bluo. Metrolife speaks to her to find out what she’s been up to.

“I love Bangalore. This is my third visit and every time I come here, I feel so excited. More than anything, I love the people and the hospitality here,” beams the bubbly actress. 

After being a part of a blockbuster like ‘Rockstar’, she is all set to rule the Hindi film industry. On being asked if she is feeling bogged down by the fact that she might be termed as a one-film wonder, she replies, “Not at all. I am surprised that anyone would think I am a one-film wonder. I feel like I am the luckiest girl to get an opportunity like this and  be a part of a great venture. Most of all, I did something that I had never thought about doing. Life can’t get better,” she says with a contented smile.

For someone who belongs to a different country, it took her quite a bit of courage to brave this sudden transition. “When I came here, I had no family, no friends, no support system and the worst part — I had no clue about the language. It was difficult for a girl hailing from a different country and a different background. It was rather scary,” she informs.

A sports enthusiast, she loves being associated with sports and attributes her fitness to this passion. “I love bowling and I am really happy that it is slowly catching on in the country. I have visited many bowling lounges in the country. However, Bangalore has the largest and the best so far. I could have my birthday party at a bowling lounge, I love the sport so much,” she quips. 

She adds that she would rather spend her time with friends playing a sport, than in a pub. “I am not a huge party animal and like spending time with my friends and family.

The same goes for the brands I endorse. I would never endorse a brand I don’t believe in. You will never see me promote brands that I don’t relate myself to,” she claims.

Being from New York has its own pros and cons. Nargis, though, does not want to leave India and says, “I am not going anywhere, I am here to stay. I love the country and I have got everything that I want here in India. It is not that I don’t know people in Hollywood, since I am from New York. But to put it simply, I prefer being in India. I am for any new adventure and I am open to working in any part of the country,” she explains.

The sporty actress wants to be a part of an action flick and says that she prefers scripts with a strong storyline. “I would love to do an action movie. I am fit enough to do the stunts. I do zumba, yoga and play sports to keep myself fit. Any movie with a strong story lures me, since I try to relate myself to the story. For now, I prefer keeping my plans a little secret. People will know in time,” she sums up with a naughty grin.