'Honour killing' claims couple's life

A 20-year-old woman and her husband were allegedly hacked to death by her family members, in what is said to be a case of honour killing at Kurabur Pool, Monday night. 

Police said Netra and Vithal Gangappa Kuri, 26, of Lolsur in Gokak, were allegedly murdered by Jyotiba Kallappa Bagai, Netra’s father, and his relatives. Netra was in love with Kuri and had married him three years ago. 

Bagai and his relatives were angry with Netra for marrying outside her caste. Bagai had been harassing the couple and had also been pressing for their social boycott.

Vinanti, the couple’s seven-month-old daughter was left unharmed by the attackers, who are absconding. Two of the suspects, Vittal Bagai and Yamanappa Bagai, have been arrested. 

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