Mamata defends corruption remark against judiciary

Mamata defends corruption remark against judiciary

 Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday strongly defended her controversial remarks about corruption in judiciary claiming that she was referring to judicial reforms, even as the Calcutta High Court admitted a contempt of court petition against her.

“,I have never told all judges are corrupt. I have only made remarks about judicial reforms. In every field there are good and bad people. I have only spoken about valueless judiciary as I have said about valueless politics. Today pendency (of cases) has become a tendency,” Banerjee told reporters at the state government headquarters.

Accusing the media of distorting her statement, Banerjee said: “I have told many things, but leaving the rest, you (media) have only run a selected portion of my speech. Why did you play this dirty game of politics?  “My speech at the Assembly is recorded and you (media) can take a copy of that. I have talked about electoral reforms, judicial reforms and administrative reforms. I have said if there is a state funding for the candidates then it will reduce electoral corruption,” Banerjee said.

Continuing, the chief minister asked: “What is the harm in that? If talking about our country’s drawbacks is a crime, I am ready to commit it a thousand times,” Banerjee declared.

 Meanwhile, the Calcutta High Court admitted a petition against Banerjee, taking cognizance of the case that she made a statement against the judiciary accusing it of giving judgment after taking money.

The court directed four media houses which had broadcast or published Banerjee’s comment, to file an affidavit within three weeks.

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