A walk down memory lane

A walk down memory lane

A walk down memory lane

One’s alma mater holds a lot of importance in one’s life. Revisiting these institutions also brings in a feeling of nostalgia. Former students of Mount Carmel College basked in that nostalgic delight at the alumni meet held recently.

Anxiety, excitement and contentment were writ large on all the faces at the meet.  Present among the audience were friends, who had last met 20 years ago, those who were meeting after 15 years and some who were seeing each other after five years. Business cards were exchanged, new ties were forged and old memories relived.

While some of the old Carmelites had gone on to achieve high positions and status, some others were happy settling down with their families. Most people said that it was a pleasure to return to the Carmel family and that they feel it was old times once again.

Felicitations were an integral part of the function. Achievers from 1962 batch were honoured on the occasion. Those from 1962 batch, who were present in the audience, were asked to identify themselves from an old picture, Sheela Bolar, principal of Innisfree House School, who was instrumental in bringing together 18 of her old classmates for the meet, said, “We are indeed very happy to be back. It brings back a lot of memories.”
Her friend Usha from the same batch observed, “It is great that women today are empowered. We are what we are because of our days spent in this institution. They moulded us in the best way possible.”  Meenakshi Bharat, an ex-Carmelite who was thrilled after meeting her old friends, hoped that the institution would do everything possible to strengthen the alumni association.

Sangita Sharma, an organic farmer who also made it to the meet, spoke about how important it is to consume healthy and safe food. She said, “What you eat must be safe to consume. The importance of conserving the biodiversity must not be forgotten.” She also invited the gathering to her organic farm.

More than the speeches, the cultural programmes impressed the gathering. There was an enchanting odissi recital by Vandana Supriya, a former student.  There was a game segment where those in the audience were asked questions pertaining to the college. This was also accompanied by a slide show, complete with pictures — both of the old campus and the new one.

The Dramatics’ Association staged a skit about how time flies but Mount Carmel — the meaning and spirit of a ‘Carmelite’ never changes. The Western Dance Association also performed a free-style dance.