BDA dumps signal-free corridor plan, for now

BDA dumps signal-free corridor plan, for now

BDA dumps signal-free corridor plan, for now

The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) has shelved the ambitious Signal Free Corridor project from Sirsi Circle to Agara Junction.

At the recently concluded sub-committee meeting to discuss the possible alternatives for the controversial corridor, officials of the agency told members that they will only take up “junction improvement” projects along the stretch.

Members of the sub-committee told Deccan Herald that it was yet to be seen whether the “junction improvement” works will, over the next few months, translate into the same proposal as that of the signal-free corridor.

Wait and watch

“We will have to wait and watch whether the junction improvement will be from East to West, along the alignment of the previously considered signal free corridor or from North to South,” said a member.

“For now, the sub-committee minutes have recorded that the BDA will not be progressing on the Sirsi Circle-Agara Junction corridor,” the members said.

Sources in BDA told Deccan Herald that the “junction improvement” may be taken up along the stretch between Sirsi Circle and Agara Junction under specific project heads. “We will only be looking at the junctions where congestion is heavy. They may require the possibilities of a grade separator,” said a senior official.