'Bellare attack is ABVP's despotic behavior against constitutional rights'

'Bellare attack is ABVP's despotic behavior against constitutional rights'

Akhila Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishath (ABVP) has no ethical rights to take law into hands and the attack on a Muslim girl in Bellary is ABVPs despotic behavior against the constitutional rights, said Critic Rajashekhar.

Speaking at the protest organised by Popular Front of India against ABVP activists assaulting a Muslim girl Sadira at her college in Bellare for not taking part in the bundh called by them here at clock tower, Rajashekhar said ABVP is the fraction of Sangh Pariwar and one cannot expect something good from the activists.

Sarcastically, the police department which is assigned with the responsibilities of safeguarding the security of the people is supporting Sangh Parivar for all its unconstitutional behavior.

He added that whenever the victims come to lodge the complaint in the police station against any Sangh Parivar member or groups, police just receive the complaint for the sake of formalities. Whereas, the offenders who come to register the complaint, are given red carpet welcome in the police station.

The entire police department in the state is conspired with BJP and its sister organisations, he alleged.

He said this is not the first time that minorities are targeted. The two districts of erstwhile Dakshina Kannada district are vulnerable for the security of minorities. It is not only police department who support these fascist Sangh Parivar forces, some of the media publications are also supporting them.

Many a times, the people belonging to minority groups are the victims for the atrocities committed by the Sangh Parivar and BJP. He said ABVP has no moral right to condemn UPA government for coal block scam.

UPA government has already announced the list of state governments that are part of the deal. State governments’ where BJP heads are in power are also part of the scams. It was during NDA governance, the process of allotting coal blocks without auctioning was introduced.

He questioned why ABVP was silent when Yeddyurappa’s corruption deeds and also other BJP ministers’ involvement in scams were exposed. Why this dual attitude? he questioned.

Speaking on the occasion, social activist Hayavadana Mudusagari said that every Indian has the constitutional right to decide over taking part in a protest or to abstain.

The state is turning towards tyrannical statutes and the fascist ideologies of BJP and ABVP is posing grave threat to the society. Sangh Parivar is maligned with dirt of corruptions and scandals, he ridiculed.