Salary for housewives? Sounds good

Salary for housewives? Sounds good


How about getting paid for household chores or a salary for housewives? Sounds good? Sure does.

For those who divide their time 365 days in between kitchen, children and household chores can now look forward to being paid. According to a rec­e­­nt proposal mooted by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, husbands could soon be legally mandated to pay a fixed monthly salary to wives for carrying out the household work. According to reports the ministry is preparing a draft of the Bill which will be soon be tabled before the Cabinet.

The move which is aimed at women’s development will likely benefit thousands of housewives across the country who have always been looked down upon. Performing household chores has never been consided a ‘job’ but something that is part of a ‘package’ when it comes to women. According to the proposed Bill, husbands will be required to deposit 10-20 per cent of their monthly salary in a bank account which has to be opened in the name of their spouse.

Although bad news for men, social activists and housewives are in a mood to party! Shabnam Hashmi, a social activist welcomes the proposal. “The labour of a housewife has never been recognised in our society. They work much more than working women or even men. This change will definitely change their lifestyle. Even women need money in their hands.” Stating women as always the ‘giver’, Shabnam further added, “Women is the worst sufferer in many ways. They need to look after children, their food, need to give sexual favours and also take care of animals in rural areas. They should be entitled to every possible help they deserve.”

Calling the step to empower women, Farhad Sethi, a teacher in an autistic centre, said, “I am all for it. I always wanted it to happen with me. This will definitely boost women power. Husbands should be considerate enough to give some part of their salary to their better half. It will definitely help them in their future.”

If a portion of a husband’s income is allocated as wife’s share, it is likely to be spent on better food for children, on their education and the overall quality of standard of living of that household. Agreeing to this, Neeru Suneja, a housewife, said, “Isse to bohot help milega hume. Hum kisi bhi emergency me uss peso ko use kar sakte hain.”  

Another housewife, Pragya Sharma stated her dismissal for the proposal. “It will only aid in making the women more dependent. Women are educated nowadays and they don’t need their husbands’ salary to rely on. It will be a state of regression for women if the Bill is passed.”

However, dissent aside, if this bill comes through, it will certain help empower a very vital section of women in our society as also reduce unemployment.