Dynamic flow of energy

Dynamic flow of energy

Dynamic flow of energy

Akshar Mandala 2, a cultural event by Akshar Power Yoga Academy, was held recently at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall.  Despite being a weekday, it did not hamper the spirit of the enthusiastic crowd, who were present at the venue.

The evening began with a shakti flow yoga performance by 25 students.
The idea of this flow was to make one feel the flow of power and energies through the body of the yogis and yoginis.

This was followed by the demonstration of the agni namaskar. It is a flow where the performer experiences how agni or fire burns the fat in your body and was led by grand master Akshar.

“We are very happy to perform in front of such an amazing audience and we will continue to keep giving the best to our society,” says Akshar. The next item was the dynamic flow, performed by30 students in a graceful manner. The last demonstration was the ‘intense partner series’, which pushes your body and mind beyond boundaries with the help of partners.

“It was a very creative show since I have never visualised yoga in this form. I always thought it was a very slow activity, but I’ve now realised that it has spectacular energy involved in it,” says Niranjan Adyar, a member of the audience.

The event saw a beautiful blend of a modernised form of yoga (power yoga) come together with the traditional form of practising it.

The chief guest of the event was Lalrokhuma Pachuau, director general and inspector general of police, Karnataka. He handed over the certificates to all the students who have completed the ‘Akshar Power Yoga Teacher's Training Certification Programme’.
He also spoke a few words on the importance of yoga for one’s physical as well as mental fitness. K Sreenivasan, former DG and IGP of the State also attended the event.
“The performance by Akshar was very good and unbeatable in its dedication and perfection. The students also gave a very good performance,” he says.