Juggling many roles

Juggling many roles

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Change is the only constant in Kannada actor Duniya Vijay’s world. He has always tried his hand at something different. Whether it is the man from the slums, who made it big, in Slum Bala, the lover boy in Johnny Mera Naam... or even in Jarasandha, Vijay has always chosen roles that are different and yet instantly click with the masses.

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After proving his mettle as an actor, Vijay has now strayed into production. His first production under his banner ‘Duniya Talkies’ is titled Jayammana Maga and will feature actress Jayamala.

“We have approached Jayamala to play the role of Jayamma. We hope that the dates match and she comes on board for this project,” Vijay says.

But why Jayamala? “She perfectly suits the character. She is not only an experienced actress but glamourous as well. She will play the role of my mother in the movie,” he adds.  

Vijay is playing two very contrasting roles in his next project titled, Rajni Kantha, in which he plays twins.

“It’s a story about two brothers. One of them has a cleft lip. My character, with a cleft lip, is quite tough. I had to spend time with a friend who has a cleft lip just to get my pronunciation right. It’s a family entertainer,” he says.

 Vijay says that the title is inspired by Tamil actor Rajnikanth.“I am a big fan of Rajnikanth and he’s nothing short of an idol for me. It is his simplicity that inspires me the most.

I’ve met him and he’s aware of this project being named after him,” informs Vijay, who is very particular that the film must strike a positive note with the

“We have done full justice to the title,” he shares. Vijay also has two other projects in the pipeline. His next project ‘Bruce Lee’ will be an action movie.

 “I’ve watched a lot of Bruce Lee movies and I would need a lot of time to tone my body to resemble that of Bruce Lee’s. But it’s no big deal for me to sport that kind of physique,”
he says.

Vijay admires a few people and athletes Sahana Kumari and Nagaraj are among them. “There are a few people who inspire me to think positively and Sahana is one among them. I am also training at the same sports academy that she does just to stay fit,” he sums up.  

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