'I'm excited to try spicy food here'

Last Updated 25 September 2012, 12:42 IST

Having heard a lot about its vibrant culture and spicy food, on her first trip to India,  French actor, singer and dancer, Mélanie LeBlanc wants to experience everything this country is known for.

In the City to treat Delhiites with her Jazz performance, Mélanie hopes that the audience will be receptive towards her music as it comes from the heart. “My first performance in Delhi at Taj Palace was attended by around 400 people. I hope to continue touching people’s heart through my music ,” she says.

She is also excited to perform in Delhiites as it has a very discerning audience.  Mélanie, who is proficient in English besides her mother tongue French, says, “I am performing in India for the first time. It feels great to be performing for a different set of audience. I am hopeful that my music will be appreciated by the audience of Delhi. I will play European jazz and hope that people love to listen to this genre.”

While many foreigners are scared of having India’s street food for it can be unhygienic and very spicy, Mélanie wants to taste it all while roaming in the narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk. “I have heard a lot of the Chandni Chowk in Delhi and also about the street food of India. I would love try the different food and cuisines that are served in India. I have heard about the spicy food and I am excited to try the same while I am in Delhi,” she shares with Metrolife.

A blend of different cultures is also what fascinates her about India. During her long trip here, she wants to soak into this diversity even as Taj Mahal is the first place Mélanie wants to visit. “I have always felt that India is a country of vibrancy and joy. It is a really special country that inspires people and has a blend of amazing cultures. I would love to experience these cultures.”

“However, the first place that I would love to visit in India is beautiful Taj Mahal. Afterwards, I would take out time and not only visit Delhi but lots of other places to soak into the culture of India.” she adds.

Not only the food and culture, she loves Indian clothes too, especially saree. “I have seen women draped in sarees that look absolutely glorious and gorgeous. I would love to shop around and pick up these beautiful sarees from Delhi,” she says.

Being a musician, does she follow Indian music and musicians? “I have not really got an opportunity to indulge into Indian music. Although, I have heard a lot about A.R. Rahman- the Oscar winning artist from India. As soon as I get time, I would love to listen to his tracks,” she replies.

Mélanie will be performing at Orient Express, Taj Palace, all days of the week from 8 pm onwards.

(Published 25 September 2012, 12:42 IST)

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