An oven of sweet delights

An oven of sweet delights

An oven of sweet delights

There’s nothing better than delicious chocolate-chip muffins and almond cupcakes. Four youngsters in the City have mastered the art of churning out these goodies. Meet Krishna, Deepika, Dhvani and Shaili — all 19-year-old, who have become the favourite bakers in their neighbourhood.

“We have been baking since we were children and put up neighbourhood stalls that sold brownies and lemonade. But we got serious about this after our friends in college suggested that we consider taking orders. We set up a stall at our college fest and sold more than 150 muffins and brownies. We got great feedback and our friends asked us to start taking orders on a bigger scale,” says Krishna.

“Now, we have started putting up stalls at various events in the City and have also opened our own Facebook page, on which we take orders. We bake at home and divide the cost of the raw materials equally among the four of us,” she adds.
Shaili, one of the team members, says, “We never planned this, it just happened. I used to bake at home and with time, became better. The best part is that we enjoy baking together,” she notes.

Though the group doesn’t have a fixed menu, some of the popular choices they offer are carrot and roasted-almond cupcakes and homemade chocolate cakes.

Their chocolate-chip cupcakes, made with a vanilla base and thick chocolate coating, are soft and melt in the mouth. The chocolate-chip muffins with chocolate ganache are also smooth and light. “The journey from selling at our college fest to taking professional orders has been great. Each one of us is good at something and we try and distribute the work equally,” explains Deepika.

The girls also bake coffee cake, chocolate cake and fig and walnut cake. They make eggless cakes for vegetarians.

“To place orders, people can either come and meet us at our residence or inbox us on our Facebook page,” says Krishna.The expert bakers have something for all — especially for those who love an extra dose of chocolate. “We have something which we call cookie-dough cake pot, which is dough with a chocolate coating. It is eggless, laced with chocolate and is very popular among those who like dough,” informs Krishna.

While Krishna is the expert at baking cakes, Dhvani is more of a brownie person. However, she adds, “But I don’t know if I want to pursue this after college.”
The youngsters are very thankful for the support they’ve received from their parents.
 “Our parents have been extremely helpful and supportive, getting the ingredients from the market and helping us with the baking,” Krishna says. For details, contact Krishna on 9742881708 or