Resident evil: Retribution

Resident evil: Retribution

A video game you need not play

English (A)
Cast: Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Bingbing Li
Director: Paul W S Anderson

The fifth film in the Resident Evil franchise based on the ultra-popular video game RE:R proves that the series has run out of gas, with a lame story, no character development, and terribly-executed action sequences that make you bored within minutes.

A good half an hour is wasted as Alice (Jovovich) battles humans infected with the T-virus, in a scene lifted from one of George Romero’s zombie films. Eventually, Alice is captured by the sinister Umbrella Corporation and is freed with help of Ada (Li). The installation, where Alice is imprisoned, features multiple environments such as Moscow, NYC and Tokyo and getting out is not easy, for it is located under water.

The Red Queen, a super computer, controls what is left of Umbrella and is intent on preventing Alice’s escape. A rescue team is on its way and Alice has two hours to reach the surface, before battling monsters and soldiers.

If this reads so much like a video game, that’s no surprise for it is meant to be so. The film’s only positives are CGI, which is fairly good, and Jovovich. This is one sequel you wouldn’t want to watch.