IAF to mark 80th Air Force Day

IAF to mark 80th Air Force Day

The Indian Air Force will celebrate the 80th Air Force Day on Monday. Bangalore being the headquarters of its training command has many facilities here.

One such establishment is  the Software Development Institute (SDI) which traces its origin to the intertial Navigation and Attack System Integration Organisation (IIO), which was set up in 1980 for integration of Navigation and Weapon Systems on Jaguar aircraft.


When the IAF ventured into the modernisation programme for upgrades to older aircraft and systems, an in-house Software Support  Centre (SSC) was formed.It was later renamed as SDI in 1992 with  the main role of software development in the avionics field. Since then, SDI has grown by leaps and bounds wherein various state-of-the art systems and weapons of Indian/Russian origin have been integrated into different fighter fleet such as Su-30, Jaguars, Bison and MIG-27 aircraft of IAF. 

The SDI also maintains the airborne and simulation software of various systems which were developed by both in-house and external agencies.