Time for parents to get tips

Time for parents to get tips

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Being a parent can be a joyful experience but it also is a tough job. No parent is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Even loving parents do things they don’t mean to do.

But if you think you’re having trouble as a parent and its is becoming increasingly difficult to rear your child correctly, get help. Parenting is one of the toughest jobs on earth as there is usually no prior training or qualification for the position. So, to save first-time parents from making serious mistakes, now there are online portals offering tips.

One such portal is Parentune.com, a pro-parent community that aims at bringing about a shift in parenting by creating an empowering system for each parent and child. It focuses on making parenting a pleasurable experience rather than a chore and helps reducing anxiety.

Founded by Nitin Pandey, it envisions empowering parents to do more for their child while helping improve the quality of development and progress. “An empowered pro-parent community is crucial in order to improve a child’s development. I want to empower each parent to achieve more for his or her child and moreover, this gives an opportunity to enable a positive shift and improve quality of lives too.”

Another portal which provides tips to parents or would-be parents is IndiaParenting.com by Nirali Sanghi. The site is a storehouse of information related to all aspects of parenting. It offers indepth information addressing issues ranging from conceiving a baby, singing rhymes, to solving problems related to a teenager. It also offers complete guidelines on raising children, making them aware of the rich cultural heritage and traditions of India. It also offers interactive tools such as due date calculator to choosing a lucky name for babies.

Kid&Parent.com and parentree.com are also portals which have specific tools and applications relevant and useful for parents and can be accessed as per requirement, time and schedules. These portals also reach out to a much larger cross-section of parents. Parents too can share their experiences online and provide helpful advice to others facing similar issues.

Clinical psychologist  Jeetendar Kaur feels these sites are a welcome trend and especially helpful for new-age parents. “It is very good option. At times you are not in a position to talk to someone about the problems because of a variety of reasons. At that time these portals come in handy. Also, one doesn’t have to give explanations as to why she/he is not able to handle a child.

“Earlier things were different with joint families and women staying at home but now the lady has to manage office, household chores, husbands and kids. So, a basic training is very much needed.”

So, for all you parents seeking help for better parenting these are new ways to get your questions answered!

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