Finding happiness

Finding happiness

The world would be a better place to live with contentment.One thing that never fails to amaze me is the level of contentment of people who are working for years in the same jobs. Theirs is a straight, narrow path taken and they do not deviate nor do they try to come out of their comfort zones.

There is one person working in a well-known hospital in Mysore, who was also recently honoured for his contribution to the work ethics in the hospital. Every day this man walks to his place of work in the morning and returns home taking a public transport. He has been doing this for more than 25 years. Asked if he had any expectations from life, his answer was simple, “I am very satisfied doing the work I am assigned.’

Another young man, Mohan, is working in an educational institution as a clerk. His hobbies are simple. He plays football, spents his valuable time at home with his wife, kids and his aged parents. I just joked with him recently when he paid for breakfast for his old colleague and me saying that I will pray to God to see that his salary goes up. His reply was very humbling, “Sir, all I want is to enjoy good health.”

Very recently I visited a factory in Mysore run by a successful entrepreneur friend near Nanjangud. He has employed many local talents who have just passed their tenth standard. All of them have native intelligence and they have skills which even the highly educated engineers with theoretical knowledge do not have.

“I used to employ people who had a string of degrees, but they would all stay for just one or two years and fly away in search of better opportunities. But these home grown talents not only grow with the company, but they serve loyally and have highly innovative skills,” he said.

Then there are the young, smart boys and girls who work for the MNCs and other big companies. Their first question is about the pay packet; they are never happy in any one place, and begin hunting for better offers. They have no patience to learn and grow with the organisation. They would look with contempt of people who have the ability to be contented. The materialistic needs, changing the mobile phones at the drop of a hat, spending pots of money on a cup of coffee in a fancy restaurant are all par for the course for this GenY.

The world would be a better place to live with contentment as the source of inspiration than chasing fancy dreams and living a miserable life of discontentment.