NLSIU denies security lapse, says girl raped on BU campus

NLSIU denies security lapse, says girl raped on BU campus

NLSIU denies security lapse, says girl raped on BU campus

The National Law School of India University on Monday chose to remain largely silent on the alleged gang-rape of a student of Nepali origin on the sprawling campus on Saturday night.

The registrar of the premier institute said the incident had taken place on the Bangalore University campus limits and, therefore, NLSIU cannot be held responsible for the lapse in security.

“There is no need to step up security on the law school campus. There is already enough security. Please speak to the police commissioner as he is responsible for security arrangements outside the law school gate,” the registrar told Deccan Herald.

Meeting today

Police officials, however, said there was an urgent need to change the security apparatus and bifurcate the Jnanabharathi police station for effective policing. “We have been assured that the bifurcation will be done soon,” a police officer said.

Bangalore University Registrar B C Mylarappa said he would convene a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the possibility of setting up police checkposts at all important points on the campus.

“We have four hostels and 800 students. The campus is spread over 1,319 acres and  criminals take advantage of the sprawling space,” he said.

The law school has to step up security and advise its students not to step out late at night, he added.

“What business did the student have to go out with her friend at that hour,” he asked. BU officials have washed their hands of the incident saying it did not involve their student.

Advocate Veena Rai of the Human Rights Law Network said it is only fair that the institution where the student was studying take responsibility for the incident.

Private security

The issue of adequate security has been a constant concern in this area. The neighbouring Institute of Social and Economic Change (ISEC) recently faced a problem of sandalwood thefts even with its own private security and added vigil.

“We had to step up security in the wake of sandalwood thefts at the institute. Four sandalwood trees were chopped right in front of our gate. The crime rate came down after a sandalwood thief was chased away by our security and some of the students,” said ISEC Director R S Deshpande.

He said students were indeed feeling insecure following the gang rape. About five years ago, a visiting faculty of ISEC was mugged on the road to ISEC. Since then, security has been increased and so has police patrolling.