Malavika declared best among women

Malavika declared best among women

Nettakallappa Aquatic Centre’s Malavika V took home the best women swimmer award in the aquatic competitions of the Dasara Games here on Tuesday.

Malavika, who pocketed the 200M and 400M freestyle titles on Monday, posted one minute 03.32 seconds to clinch the 100M freestyle gold on Tuesday at the VV Swimming Centre.

Malavika’s team-mate Arvind was adjudged the best in the men’s section. Bangalore Urban bagged the overall championship with 173 points while Mysore finished second (37 pts).

Results: Men: 100M freestyle: Chethan B Aradhya (Blr, Urban) 57:53 seconds, 1; Prajwal K S (Blr, Urban) 58:37, 2; H C Sanmith (Mys) 1:01:59, 3.

200M backstroke: Arvind M (Blr, Urban) 2:30:67, 1; Pushpand H (Blr, Urban) 2:37:45, 2; A H Akash (Mys) 2:43:06, 3.

100M breaststroke: Akash Rohit G (Blr Urban) 1:16:49, 1; Adithya Roshan G (Blr, Urban) 1:17:30, 2; Umesh Khade (Bgm) 1:20:53, 3.

100M butterfly: Chethan D Aradhya (Blr, Urban) 1:02:37, 1; Prajwal K S (Blr, Urban) 1:02:87, 2; H C Sanmith (Mys) 1:08:06, 3.

200M individual medley: Arvind M (Blr, Urban) 2:27:85, 1; Pushpanand H (Blr, Urban) 2:37:82, 2; Suman T Kadam (Bgm) 2:43:44, 3.

4x100M medley relay: Blr Urban (Aravind M, Adithya Roshan, Prajwal K S, Chethan B Aradhya) 4:56:96, 1; Mysore (A H Akash, Karthik R, Sanmith H C, Mohan C D) 5:06:15, 2; Gulbarga (Karthik C, Umesh U, Ankit N Konjali, Santosh C S) 5:37:12, 3.

 Women: 100M freestyle: Malavika V (Blr, Urban) 1:03.32, 1; Pratima Kollali (Blr, Urban) 1:11.48, 2; Arundati M (Mys) 1:21.63, 3.

200M backstroke: Damini K Gowda (Blr, Urban) 2:47.96, 1; Sharanya V (Blr, Urban) 2:54.08, 2; Arundati M (Mys) 3:16.97, 3.

100M breaststroke: Divya Guruswamy (Blr, Urban) 1:26.86, 1; Pooja R Alva (Blr, Urban) 1:30.74, 2; Arundati M (Mys) 1:36.98, 3.

200M individual medley: Pooja R Alva (Blr, Urban) 2:54.62, 1; Divya Guruswamy (Blr, Urban) 3:02.45, 2; Arundati M (Mys) 3:20.99, 3.

4x100M medley relay: Bangalore Urban (Pooja R Alva, Damini K Gowda, Keerthana R, Sharanya V) 6:01.86, 1; Mysore (Arundathi M, Threeza Jesudas, Shreya M Ramesh, Keerthana M S) 6:55.11, 2; Gulbarga (Nidhi M, Nisha M, Swathi Venkatesh, Neha R Balla) 8:00.04, 3.

Special awards: Overall championship: Bangalore Urban (173 pts) 1; Mysore (37 pts) 2; Gulbarga (16 pts) 3.

Individual champions: Men: Arvind M (Bangalore Urban, 15 points). Women: Malavika V (Blr Urban, 15 points).

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