A step into the real world

A step into the real world

A step into the real world

Graduation can be a pretty emotional experience for most students — and the latest to realise that was the outgoing batches of nursing students at Acharya Institutions.

The final-year BSc and MSc students recently passed out of Smt Nagarathnamma College of Nursing and a grand graduation ceremony was held for them. It was also attended by the graduating batch that had pursued a GNM Diploma at Acharya’s N R School of Nursing.

The farewell ceremony, which was organised largely by the juniors, was quite a gala affair. It included many cultural programmes, which were performed by students of a host of nationalities — including those from Tanzania, Nepal, Bhutan and Iran.
Since a majority of the outgoing batch were from Kerala, the seniors were welcomed in the traditional style of the state. A lot of time was spent admiring each other’s attire, since they had dressed in their very best.

Many of them came armed with cameras and snapped several pictures of each other. They were all given blue robes and orange graduation caps, which they wore with a sense of pride — after all, this was quite a significant occasion for them.

Charlotte, a student from Africa, had quite an emotional experience at the farewell.
Recalling her initial days in the college, she says, “I found it difficult at first — being far away from home and my parents was hard to deal with. But now, as I am about to step out into the real world as a graduate, I feel happy.”

What really made the occasion special was that it was held on International Teachers’ Day. This gave the faculty members of the college something to celebrate, since the students who they had interacted with for the last few years were finally graduating from the college.

 The chief guest at the programme was B G Kulkarni, a professor with a long history of lending students a helping hand.

She spent some time tal­king to the students about what they could expect from the years to come and how they could best equip themselves to deal with it.
The gr­ad­uation ended on a touching note — students were seen exchanging contact numbers and addresses and promising to stay in touch.