When scribes embrace violence

If mediamen turn out the way our movie makers depict, there would be utter mayhem all around. Imagine journalists, instead of wielding their pen, taking law into their own hands, turning vigilantes to save innocent people from plotting politicians.

While one can appreciate filmmakers taking cinematic licence to cater to demanding audiences, the liberty that director Puri Jagannath takes in Cameraman... can’t be digested.

The film revolves around Rambabu, a garage owner, emboldened by news reports and TV clips, coming to the aid of people. This, even if it means resorting to violence to tackle troublemakers. So you have our mechanic given the job in a TV channel by Cameraman Ganga. Soon, he is crossing swords with former CM Jawahar Naidu.

He then switches to a new channel run by Smita. And you have a love triangle in place. In between romancing the two, our Rambabu is busy thwarting evil ambitions of politicos.
Cameraman is purely for Pawan’s fans.

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