Aussie cricketer 'counselled' after cocaine incident

Aussie cricketer 'counselled' after cocaine incident

An Australian cricketer has reportedly been warned over an incident involving cocaine.

According to newspaper reports here, even though the unnamed player did not test positive for drugs but admitted to an "incident occurring and was subsequently counselled".

"The player did not test positive for the drug and was not subject to Cricket Australia's formal drugs policy," reported 'The Australian'. Cricket Australia, on its part played down the reports.

"Cricket Australia confirmed today that no current Australian, State or BBL player has tested positive or breached CA's anti-doping or illicit drugs policies," CA said in a statement.

"Noting a newspaper report claiming a cricketer has been counselled on an alleged illicit drugs issue, CA said that in common with other employers, it deals from time to time with employee welfare issues.

"CA's policy dealing with player welfare issues is to do so in a confidential, medically-based manner," it added. CA has a two-strike drugs policy under which players caught using illicit drugs away from the game are counselled, banned from playing for 20 days and given a suspended fine or sentence.

"The CA anti-doping officer and team doctor are the only officials who need to be informed in the case of centrally contracted players. "A second strike has the player named and sanctions delivered."

Australian Cricketers' Association chief Paul Marsh said no player serious about his career would flirt with drugs. "Our players think the issue of illicit drugs is a serious enough risk in society and within the broad elite athlete community that we have willingly agreed to an illicit drugs policy with Cricket Australia.

"The policy involves our players submitting themselves to education sessions, a comprehensive testing program and potential sanctions for repeated positive tests," Marsh was quoted as saying by 'The Age'.

"It is, however, a medical model that is focused purely on the welfare of the players. A critical aspect of this model is that all test results and any assistance provided to players is done so under strict confidentiality. The ACA would not have agreed to this policy without this provision. As such we cannot discuss any individual player's circumstances."

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