Kin seek Delhi help for doc held in Saudi

Kin seek Delhi help for doc held in Saudi

 Dr Usmane Ghani, claimed to be innocent by his family, has been languishing in Saudi Arabia for the past 15 days without charges, after he was picked up by the police there.

Alleging that at the behest of the Karnataka police, Usmane was detained by Saudi Arabia, the victim’s mother claimed that there had been no support extended to his son by the Indian government.

“I demand that the Indian government extend the same support to all its citizens, which has been given to all the other victims of detention in foreign nations,” said Usmane’s mother Fatima Abdul Khan.

Addressing the media on Thursday, Ghani’s family members from Dharwad alleged that the victim was picked up by Saudi Arabian authorities from his work place at the National Guard Hospital in Riyadh at 2 pm on October 8. “I was informed by my daughter-in-law of Usmane’s arrest. Following the information, we have been appealing to the Indian Embassy to help us and secure his release, but to no avail,” said Fatima.

According to his family, Usmane, who was picked up for questioning in Hubli in 2008 for allegedly planning a terror attack was given a clean chit by the Karnataka police. He was then working with the Seventh Adventist Hospital in Ottapalam, Kerala.

“Once given a clean chit, he was allowed to go to Saudi Arabia. Why are the authorities still after him?” questioned Ghani’s mother.

The family has claimed that under Section 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Services, ratified by India and Saudi Arabia, it has been stated that the consular officers shall have the right to visit a national of the sending state who is in prison custody or detention, to converse and correspond with him and to arrange for his legal representation.

“However, none of the laws have been implemented by both the nations. There has been no attempt by Indian authorities to help us,” alleged Fatima.