Glimpses of cities

Glimpses of cities


And Art lovers: The Bangalore Series. Covering the ten main cities of India, the exhibition has many interesting things to offer. The photographers, whose works are on display are, Navroze Contractor who has captured Ahmedabad, Ryan Paul Lobo - Chennai, Prashant Panjiar - Bangalore, Dinesh Khanna - Chandigarh, Fazwan Hussain - Hyderabad, Vidura Jang Bahadur - Mumbai, Anusha S Yadav - Cochin, Saibal Das - Kolkata, Sohrab Hura - Delhi and Anwar Mirza - Pune.

A special preview of the exhibition was held over the weekend in the City, which saw many guests coming in through out the evening. Many Bangalore-based artists like Shanta Mani and Vivek Mathew were also present at the event, and greatly appreciated most of the photographs on display.

Navroze Contractor, a photographer whose pictures of Ahmedabad are on display was present at the inauguration as well. “All these scenes are typical of Ahmedabad,” he said. Hailing from Ahmedabad himself, he was delighted to have displayed his photographs. “It’s a wonderful opportunity,” he exclaimed. Pointing to a party hall in Ahmedabad that he had clicked, Navroze said, “That was the first party hall to have started in the City.”

Another artist, who was present at the preview was Ryan Paul Lobo from Bangalore, who had captured Chennai beautifully. “A part of my photographs is the beach,” he said. “And another part is the professional lives of the common people.” However, not all of his photographs followed the same pattern as there was a picture of a shoot, people walking to work and so on. “I always prefer shooting photographs in black and white,” he said as all his pictures were devoid of colour.

The Bangalore Series shot by Prashant Panjiar consisted of shots of the Cubbon Park, City Market and other different landmarks of the City. The exhibition is on till October 8 from 10 am to 7 pm at Tasveer Art Gallery, Sua House, Kasturba Cross Road.