Neha's gamble with roles

Neha's gamble with roles

Neha's gamble with roles

For braveheart Neha Dhupia, Bollywood is about taking risks. She did not take a step back when it came to chopping her hair for late Shamim Desai’s film, Rush or starting her career with mov­ies like Julie and Sheesha in which she confidently opted for skin show.

Though her career has seen ups and downs since the time she entered tinsel town, Neha seems to be satisfied with her work and believes that nothing is right or wrong in the film industry. While speaking with Metrolife, Neha gives a glimpse into her journey.

“Working in the industry for last ten years has taught me that nothing is right or wrong. I know people who have gone to Oscars are nowhere in the limelight, while there are others who are still surviving in the industry after learning from mistakes. When you know the path is not easy then you have to look ahead, take risk and invent and re-invent yourself,” shares Neha.  

The model turned actress made her debut in 2003 with Harry Baweja’s Qayamat: City Under Threat. In the initial years, her movies went virtually unnoticed. But she did get noticed for her supportive roles in movies like Chup Chup ke, Ek Chaalis ki Last Local, Mithya, Singh is Kinng, Dasvidaniya and Action Replay.

Whether the role is big or small, Neha says she has set limits for herself with her experience gained so far. “Working with so many directors and playing vivid roles has made me aware of certain things that I am not supposed to do.  I know that I have to maintain the standard that I have set with my work even if it is a small role also,” reveals Neha.

It is for this reason the actress played a gangster in Phas Gaye Re Obama and Eva Braun in Dear Friend Hitler.

Continuing to experiment with her screen persona, Neha will be seen for the first time in a Punjabi feature film Rang De and in Karan Johar’s production Unglee. For Neha, working in Bollywood is easy for those who love to repeat themselves in certain roles but it is tough for actors who want to experiment. “There are two kinds of actors in Bollywood.
There are those who stick to one image and are liked by the audience from beginning to end. Katrina Kaif is one such actress. Though she has not changed her image since years she is still loved by the audience. Whereas the other category comprises those who are inventing themselves with every movie,” says Neha, who believes that both are correct in their own sense but the plus point is when people continues to accept you the same way in long run.

For Neha, the journey has been so far full of twists and turns. She is not afraid and wants to continue till the time the directors keep faith in her acting skills.