Chinese with Indian touch

Chinese with Indian touch

Chinese with Indian touch

Cuisines from all over the world are relished by Bangaloreans, the most popular one being Chinese.

‘Sri Shakthi Chinese Fast Food’, located in N R Colony, behind Sri Ram Mandir, specialises in Chinese food in a uniquely Indian way. And the prices of all the dishes are within Rs 50.

Geetha, who runs the eatery, says, “I am a big foodie, and I love cooking. Earlier, I used to cook out of passion for everyone at home. Guests and relatives coming to my house appreciated my food. My husband, Murugan has been a great support and he was the one who insisted on opening a restaurant. Initially, I was hesitant. But he persuaded me and ensured that we opened it,” she says.

 “Now, I have hired a cook, called Harish, whom I have trained well. I am always here to check the food and I serve the customers myself. Today, the shop is really doing well and the credit goes to my husband,” she adds.

In the noodles section, the eatery has a lot of dishes like babycorn, mushroom,
paneer, ‘Singapore’ and schezwan.

In the manchurian section, the options are gobi, gobi chilli, aloo, mushroom, paneer etc.  One of the popular items is fried rice. The items in this section are ‘veg’, babycorn, jeera, mushroom, onion, paneer etc.

Sudhir, a regular customer, says, “I was introduced to this place by my wife and I have been coming here for the last three years. Most of the time, I travel from Konankunte just to have the paneer manchurian here. It is amazing, soft and has a subtle Indian taste to it,” he says.

 The delicacies have an Indian flavour. Regarding this, Geetha, says, “If you look at any international food joint, it always has an Indian flavour to it. We Indians love masala a lot, so even if it is a Chinese dish, I ensure that there are Indian ingredients in it. And the dishes have become so popular that in this vicinity, I am popularly known as ‘Gobi aunty’,” she adds.

The eatery is very hygienic, though it is small. All the ingredients are bought by Geetha, personally. She adds, “I always use refined oil, and the vegetables I buy are of high quality.” Gautami, a student, says, “During Deepavali, aunty had not come for three days, and I missed the food terribly. Being a food lover, I would like to ask the customers to try out the babycorn manchurian and schezwan noodles with ‘pulpy Arabian grape juice’ here.”  For details, call 9341458688.