Behaviour towards a 'Sadguru'

Behaviour towards  a 'Sadguru'

The question is often asked:

how should a spiritual aspirant or sadhaka behave towards a Sadguru or a Universal Teacher? This is an important question and should be understood at multiple levels of abstraction.

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of Sanatana Dharma lies in the fact that it discourages dwelling upon the notion of sin. If it all it acknowledges a notion of original sin, it lies in confusing our physical bodies for the Supreme Self. The Self is not the body, mind or intellect. It cannot be grasped by the limited intelligence of the human mind. It can be experienced only after sense of I (ahamkara) and mine (mamkara) in annihilated.
The Sadguru is actually none other than the Self. He is God in human form. Such a Guru is the living personification of the Vedas and the Upanishads. Confusing the Sadguru to be an ordinary human being and treating him casually or disrespectfully invites the greatest of penalty.

When we come in contact with a Sadguru, we should understand that such an encounter happens as a result of positive savings in the bank of karma accrued from previous lives. The visa to moksha or liberation from body consciousness cannot be secured without the passport issued by the grace of the Sadguru.

He or she should be treated with the greatest of reverence respect and adoration. To do service to such a master is the greatest blessing that can be conferred upon a human being in his lifetime. Such an opportunity cannot be had by merely desiring it. It must be earned by unstinted devotion, faith and surrender. It is said that the mere presence of a Sadguru is enough to rescue the universe. Such is the awesome nature of his power, might and glory.  A supplication is made in humility is certain to invite the grace of the guru.The seeker should maintain a respectful distance and address the master with humility.

The Sadguru’s instructions must be scrupulously followed both in letter and spirit. It is said that neither the study of scriptures, or pilgrimage to holy places, neither rituals nor penance can provide a gateway to salvation. It is the Grace of the Sadguru and the Sadguru can guarantee release from the endless cycles or birth and death. Sadguru Murali Krishna is fond of saying speech is symbolic of the Goddess Saraswati. When we use harsh language, it is tantamount to abusing the presence of the Goddess in us.

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