Funds for building houses pour in

Funds for building houses pour in

While Jindal decided to donate Rs 50 crore for constructing 5,000 houses, Kalyani group, Suttur Mutt and Mysore Citizens’ Forum have assured to construct 5,000 houses each. The contribution announced by the State government employees will help in constructing 5,000 houses. Dhrmadhikari Veerendra Heggade planned to build 1,000 houses.
The State Government Employees’ Association has already decided to donate their one day salary, - around Rs 32 crore to the CM’s Relief Fund.

IAS and IPS officers may volunteer to donate six days’ salary over a period of three or six months.

Secretariat sources said that if the State government employees (excluding class I gazetted officers) donate six days’ salary then Rs 180 crore can be mobilised.

Home Minister V S Acharya told reporters that the government will request its employees to contribute their six days’ salary for the relief work. The employees can either pay at once or in installments over a period of six months.

Addressing a high-level meeting of officials at his home office Krishna, Yeddyurappa said the Government has to construct around 2.5 lakh houses to rehabilitate the affected people. “We hope that at least one lakh houses can be built through public contribution, while one lakh more houses will be built by the Government,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) has come forward to adopt 11 villages in Gadag district devastated by the flood.